The last episode of Black Mirror was a huge disappointment to anyone who followed the series from its launch. As seen on IMDB, ratings plummeted for the last two seasons. And it seems to only get worse.

Many blame the new direction of the more social and intimate storytelling that Netflix took since the media giant acquired the intellectual property.

And it's true. Last couple of seasons we see stories change from dark, dystopian future, to nearly harmless scenarios that are not far away from the reality of today.

Black mirror has become a somewhat a genre of its own. Not entirely the noir style cyberpunk dystopian Bladerunner future nor an alternative history flashy Avengers type stuff. Black mirror needs to be somewhere in the middle. Tough call.

Each episode IMDB rating

No wonder it's a struggle for Netflix to stay true to the original series and at the same time entertain the audience spoiled with high production value shows of the last decade.

It's no wonder producers of black mirror decided to take a more humane approach showing less mindblowing technologies and more stories that not even hard to imagine in today's life.

It's kind of fascinating to realize that it seems the show can't keep up with the pacing of the tech in the real world. When the new season released you're kind of shrug and think to yourself: "Oh yeah, that's already kinda happening. That's our life."

Because of that, the show lost it's "WOW!" effect on a lot of viewers.

Whether it's an artistic choice of the creators of the show or just an organic tolerance of the public to this sci-fi series or simply the lack of original ideas from the writers team, it is clear that if changes will not be made to the show itself, the decline of critic and viewers score will continue. And we all know what that usually results in.