E3 is like a guilty pleasure to me. On one hand, I'm legit interested in gaming and what's new to come in the industry. On the other hand, E3 is a cringefest when big companies and executives are so out of touch from what gaming really is, so it's a like an unintentional comedy show.

But E3 2019 was not even good at being bad

It's just boring you can tell that companies just have not enough content to present and they're stretching they have and still fail to show anything remotely exciting. CG trailers with no gameplay, projects we hear about for years that still have no release dates. And it's not like we don't understand what's the deal there.

Games are much more complicated in production than, let's say, movies that can make 3-5 and more years to make. That's 3-5 and more E3s with just trailers and glimpse on what could be a good product. We know cases when projects announced and canceled shortly after. So how can we eve trust any info before at least a couple of seconds of gameplay is showed or a release date?

Sony ditched this years E3 completely and I can't help but applaud this decision. Big games have been announced anyway, so the PS4 owners will know when to pick them anyway, and their exclusives are announced at their youtube channel. In the next year, Sony will announce a new generation of consoles, so it makes sense to hold on to big announcements.

Microsoft teased new Halo and Gears of War games, and if you're still excited about them good for you. For me no surprises there. Microsoft also teased their next generation of consoles with all the buzzwords under the sky. I'm telling 120 fps, 4k, etc. We'll see if they're actually learned their lesson from the Xbox One launch that allowed Sony to completely dominate the consoles market for about 6 years. Keanu Reeves presenting Cyberpunk 2077 was kinda cool though. Yet again, no gameplay.

By the way, the next few years will show how the gaming market reacts to announced Google Stadia and Microsoft's xCloud, subscription-based cloud gaming services that will stream a video on any device. Is the next generation of consoles is the last one? Good question. Even in Europe and US internet speeds are still very bad and very expensive thanks to net neutrality. It's hard to have a normal gaming session as is not to mention streaming the whole thing without lagging. In my opinion, something must drastically change the way the internet works on most of the planet and then we will talk streaming games.

Bethesda tried to pander to the fans with some videos and even joke about their DISASTER with Fallout 76, which by many considered one of the worst game launches of the recent history. No apology from Todd, as expected. And they showed Doom. Nothing exciting there.

Ubisoft showed another Watch Dogs that was kinda meh. And of course some dancing number abomination but that's the case every year.

And that's kinda it. EA and Square Enix didn't show anything exciting.

All this makes me think why not make E3 biannually? Year after year the show stagnates and we see same boring people unenthusiastically reading the teleprompter. Same trailers, same game series, very few new titles. It used to be funny and dumb. Now it's just plain boring. Change it or let it die.